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Mantra and Sacred Syllables

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Thursday 08/08/2024 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
$25.00 Mantra and Sacred Syllables

“In all traditions: it is always a matter of making the body or an object sacred by the placing of entities which carry a divine or spiritual force.” - Andre Padoux 

Join Sarah for an evening exploring the power of the sacred syllables of mantra. mantra (sanskrit; mind-tool), is an ancient technique utilizing the repetition of sacred sounds to train and focus the mind.

In this workshop, we will learn how to work with mantra in daily practice, investigate the layers and symbolism in the om mani padme hum mantra (the mantra of great compassion), and explore the way in which mantra gains potency and works within the subtle energies of the body. We'll delve into the use of mantra, sounds, and seed syllables as tools for transforming the mind and embodying one-ness and divinity. Sacred sanskrit sounds combined with the concentration of mind take on potency and allow yogis to contemplate and connect to the extraordinary.

In this 2 hour workshop you'll explore: 

  • The way repetition and mantra use can transform the mind 
  • The power of speech and words to create our reality and perceptions
  • Experiential mantra practice with mala beads and also utilizing visualization and “nyasa” the visualizing of mantra within the body. 
  • The deep symbolism behind the sacred words of the om mani padme hum mantra

You’ll leave with tools and techniques to integrate mantra practice into your daily life and more understanding and connection to the om mani padme hum mantra and its symbolism.

Who this is for:

All levels of practitioner are welcome - those brand new and those looking to add layers and depth of understanding to their practice

Bring malas if you have them; we will have some for your use at studio for borrowing or to purchase

Sarah Spiegel

Sarah opened Samudra in 2016 built on her long-time love of building community, creating connections, and fostering transformation through yoga, meditation, and the sharing of the Tibetan Buddhist yoga practices that have transformed her life.  Sarah’s offerings focus on bringing students into a state of flow and encourage mindfulness both on and off the mat through breath and body awareness. In addition to owning and operating Samudra Studio, Sarah leads yoga and meditation retreats locally and internationally, offers mindfulness and meditation to groups and individuals and offers instruction in mindful and embodied strength training.  She is a mentor and lead instructor for Fluid Yoga Teacher Training programs.

She is forever grateful to the dear teachers and mentors who have supported and encouraged her and who continue to to share wisdom and teachings: Khenpo Lama Migmar Tseten, Kevan Gale, and Betty Riaz. Sarah completed her 200 and 500 teacher training with Fluid Yoga school and continues her studies with Kevan Gale and Khenpo Lama Migmar Tseten. 

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