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Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance with Dixie Squires
A true free dance. Let yourself go and just have the music and the moment guide you. No judgment of self allowed :). A hand-crafted DJ set to follow a wavelike pattern of music to warm you up and allow you to feel comfortable. Crescendoing to some heart-thumping beats to create a little chaos…followed by some downtempo, lyrical songs to make you feel whole and connected once more.  It’s a beautiful journey. Everyone is welcome. $5 from each class registration will be donated to charity.

Dixie Squires
A lifelong lover of dance, I have taken lessons and participated in just about every different type of dance genre from ballet to Israeli folk dance to twerking-it has been a wild ride!  I have tremendous respect for these dances and the incredible music that inspires them. About 12 years ago I found ecstatic dance and it was like coming home. I have never felt so connected to my own body and had a true presence of spirit. Not to mention FUN!! My goal through dance nowadays is to help people feel themselves when they are moving, to move past the notion that “I’m not a good dancer” and just feel the joy of truly embodied movement.

50 Adams St, Biddeford, ME 04005