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40 Hour Yin Yoga Training

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Thursday 10/03/2024 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday 10/04/2024 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday 10/05/2024 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday 10/06/2024 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

$225.00 Yin Yoga Training Deposit

Yin Yoga is the gentle path to self-discovery, healing, and inner peace." - Paul Grilley.

What is Yin Yoga?  

Every time we create a concept, we create its opposite. Yin is a relationship to Yang. This is conceptual however as opposites are often complimentary.  

And so it is with Yin Yoga.  

Yin Yoga as a practice is complementary to the very active, movement based Yang practices we love. It explores the depth of the human body’s quiet but very important structural tissues as well as the life force energy known as Qi (Chi) or Prana that flows through these tissues.  

Yin Yoga asana practice physically supports our everyday movement while opening doorways to meditative and energetic benefits. Our human body has a combination of layers that include a physical and subtle energetic body along with our emotional and spiritual bodies.  Yin Yoga brings awareness to the vibrational flow of energy through these layers of ourselves while supporting a process of change and the recognition of wholeness. The practice itself appears outwardly very still while it is known that the unseen inner world is experiencing profound energetic movement. Connective tissues, called  Yin tissues in this practice, include tendons, ligaments, the many layers of fascia, deep to the body.  They are called connective tissues because they are the support and connecting structures of the physical body.   These tissues also carry nerves, fluids and ground substances that are essential to a healthy existence.  In practice we stress these tissues in a healthy way through the application of tensile and compressive forces.  This creates an overall response that bridges the gap to the total health and well-being of mind, body and spirit. 

In this training we will explore the “why?” of Yin Yoga practice.

Why do we need this practice?

Why do we need stillness to create mobility? 

Why do we seek sensation? 

Why do we stay? 

Why does this practice challenge what we have been taught about conventional methods of Yang exercise and its benefits? 

In this training

~ we will cover the yin yoga practice and its meaning.

~ we will explore yin poses and their effects on the body. 

~ we will experience and understand the meditative nature of the practice and why this is key to whole health.

~ we will open the doorway to the spiritual nature of our physical and subtle bodies through practice. 

~ we will expand teaching skills to facilitate energetic benefits

This training covers the science as well as the esoteric and will leave you with a foundation and practical skills to share with others in a classroom setting. Each day there will be a short meditation and long Yin practice. Classroom hours  include lectures defining Yin Yoga philosophy, anatomy, practice, and postures.  This is a 40 hour training which includes 32 classroom hours with an expected 8 hours of home study.

Cost: $750   

~ Payment plans available ~ Please inquire. $225 non refundable deposit reserves your space.

Training Meets October 3-6: Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 9-6, Sunday, 9-3

Required Materials - Bernie Clark’s the Complete Guide to Yin Yoga

Optional Materials - Yinsights by Bernie Clark, Your Body, Your Yoga by Bernie Clark, Yin Yoga: Outline of a Quiet Practice by Paul Grilley, Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers

Please come with an openness to new perspectives as well as an openness to feeling deeply through the layers of the Yin tissues and into the spiritual nature of the subtle body.   There are no prerequisites for this training and no yoga experience is necessary. Bring your yoga mat as well as a water bottle, snacks, supplies to take notes with and anything else you may need for your comfort during the days of study.  Dress comfortably and in layers as Yin practice can often release internal heat in the body which may create a cooling effect following practice.

Cathleen Wasielewski

As an Intuitive Energy Medicine Practitioner, Somatic Healing Practitioner, and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and along with the many other modalities that I have studied, I offer many ways to open the doors to alignment and healing on every level of heart, mind, body and soul.  As a long time teacher of yoga, a spiritual seeker having studied with many teachers, a studier of many health related fields and as a pharmacist I bring a wide perspective.  My passion lies in the extensive study and healing of trauma. 

By tapping into intuition I am able to read energy fields and assess the alignment of the subtle body energies that lie within the physical systems of the body.  I offer that your intuition can be cultivated as a wisdom within you that you can learn to trust and guide you. 

I completed the Master of Intuition Medicine® program in 2019 after studying with the Academy of Intuition Medicine® in Sausalito California.  This education was the culmination of many years of deep personal and spiritual study that has spanned over a conventional medical education leading to a 25 year career in pharmacy to personal self study in complementary medicine and the healing arts and onward into two decades of study and teaching in the traditions of a variety of styles of yoga and meditation.  December 2021 brought advanced certification in the art of Somatic Awakening®. May of 2022 has marked the completion of certification and registration as a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist ~ RCST®. Interest in trauma healing and brain patterning brings in another modality of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback as of January 2023.

I had known from a very young age that intuition and spiritual acknowledgement is a valuable aspect of true healing.  For any completeness of healing of bodily dis-ease we must consider embodiment which brings attention to the many layers of one’s energy body, emotional body and spiritual body. 

The sphere of spiritual exploration is immeasurably infinite.  My belief is that each person’s path is entirely unique.  Opening to healing occurs in a uniquely sweet resonance for each individual in relationship to their individual nature.   In energy medicine sessions, my process offers gentle guidance to spiritual embodiment. As a spiritual counselor I am guided by the notion that we live in these physical bodies on this physical earth and it is the spirit that animates.  Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy further expands the embodied healing experience. The more deeply one can live spirit in body the more freedom, peace and joy one may experience in the living of daily life.  Healing is an awakening to one’s true nature and purpose. 

The practitioner’s role is to listen. I use my compassionate skills of listening to guide clients to healing. Clients of all races, genders, identities, abilities, incomes, and backgrounds are welcome to my practice.

Hannah Wasielewski

My name is Hannah (she/her) and I am a biodynamic craniosacral therapist, dance artist, and educator based in Portland, ME. I am a registered craniosacral therapist with the North American Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association with over 2000 hours training in the Healing Arts. I completed a 700+ hour Biodynamic Craniosacral Training with Body Intelligence and continue to work for Body Intelligence on the tutor team in Portland, ME. I am currently working towards an ABD (Advanced Biodynamic Diploma) and have furthered my education by studying advanced topics with teachers including Anna Chitty, Brian Tierney PhD, Renee Hella RCST, and Ryan Hallford CMT, RCST.

I grew up here in Maine and received craniosacral work starting at a young age. I remember feeling a sense of peace in my body and inherently connected to the world around me. Later while pursuing my dance career in the San Francisco Bay Area, I received craniosacral work to recover from a major injury. I immediately felt a coming home to myself while on the table and a deep sense of relief. I knew that I had uncovered a new path to become a craniosacral therapist, specifically drawn to this form of healing because of its range in treating the mind/body/spirit system from the starting place of embodiment. In 2020, I returned home to my roots in Maine with my husband to be close to family, nature, and to relocate my craniosacral practice. I find Maine to be a perfect environment for healing work due to the pace of life, the connection to the seasons, and the peaceful land and ocean. I am grateful to serve this community of Greater Portland in finding health and well-being. Beyond craniosacral therapy, my daily life includes dancing, art, cooking, exploring everything about health and healing, time in nature, laughter, close connection with my family, and quality time with my cat.

I have a specific passion for working with trauma, and my practice integrates somatic therapies including Somatic Experiencing® techniques. I see trauma from a holistic, social, and cultural standpoint and believe that trauma healing revolutionizes our health and brings us into a greater understanding of our embodied essence. I studied trauma healing at the Colorado Energy School, Somatic Experiencing® International, the Liberation Academy at Genesis Healing Institute, and the Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Programs.

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